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News Media Policy

COVID-19 Addendum

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, media are expected to follow the University’s protocols related to safety, including wearing a face covering, physical distancing of six feet or more, proper hand hygiene and avoiding large groups. Face coverings are required at all times in buildings, even when reporting or conducting interviews. Outdoors, face coverings should be worn when physical distancing cannot be maintained.

As part of an effort to reduce unnecessary contact, and because some areas are limited to a small number of individuals to adhere to physical distancing guidelines, media should first contact University Communications before entering buildings.

Thank you for your understanding as we work to keep our campus safe.

John Farless
University Communications

This policy establishes the University of Southern Indiana’s position with respect to employee interaction with the news media, including representatives of print, online, television and radio outlets and all student media.

Policy—University Communications is the designated contact point for the news media and the source of official information about the University. It is the responsibility of University Communications to provide clear and consistent communications and to initiate and/or respond to media requests and to manage those interactions.

An employee or department seeking to publicize a program, event or achievement should contact University Communications. Similarly, employees or departments contacted by the media, including external and internal student-published outlets such as The Shield and The Spin, are strongly encouraged to notify and use University Communications as a resource before providing any information, responding to questions or arranging for an in-person or phone interview. Student athletes, coaches and athletic administrators who are contacted by media should coordinate through Athletic Communications.

After contact with a media representative has been established, employees are free to discuss topics related to their areas of academic expertise but should not speak on behalf of the University nor interpret University policy unless designated as a spokesperson by the administration. If the University is asked for official comment on an issue, an appropriate spokesperson will be identified by USI’s senior leadership and/or the vice president of marketing and communications.

News media are permitted to enter public areas of the University campus but are encouraged to first contact USI’s University Communications staff prior to visiting campus. Access to classrooms, campus housing, and employee offices is strictly prohibited without permission from the University. While on USI property, media representatives may be accompanied by a member of the University Communications staff. Employees who see unaccompanied media on campus are asked to contact University Communications.

It is the responsibility of the deans, department chairs and supervisors to communicate and implement procedures to comply with this policy, while also ensuring that academic freedom*, free inquiry and freedom of expression within the academic community are respected and observed.If you have questions about this policy, contact University Communications by email at or phone at 812-228-5157 or 812-461-5259.

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