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The country graduates about 90,000 psychology majors each year.  They are employed!!!  

  • Psychology as a career from the American Psychological Association
  • Finding careers in psychology from Hanover College
  • Know how to market yourself!
  • As outlined in the White Paper, these are the 10 skills that psychology majors gain while earning their undergraduate degrees, all of which make them highly desirable as they enter the job market. They can:

    1. predict and understand the behavior of individuals and groups;
    2. understand how to use and interpret data
    3. evaluate the legitimacy of claims about behavior
    4. know how memory and learning function
    5. have insight into problematic behaviors
    6. demonstrate the capacity to adapt to change
    7. understand and operate effectively throughout the channels of an organization
    8. manage difficult situations and high stress environments
    9. start and carry out projects with limited information or experience
    10. show persistence in challenging circumstances

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